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How to Overcome Self-Doubt to Be A High-Performer

Self-doubt is that nagging voice in your head that tells you, you are not good enough before you've even started taking action.

It's the voice that holds you back from building the life of your dreams. And ultimately, it's the voice that holds you back from becoming a high-performer.

We all struggle with this voice.

I know that you think you are some special human being who is the only one that struggles with it, but you're not. The most famous celebrities and millionaires that you look up to all struggle with it.

That's where I want to start with this post. I want to start by normalizing the experience of self-doubt.

Self-doubt is a part of human nature. It's as natural and as normal as the breath that we take. That is the level of normalization that I want you to give to that voice of self-doubt in your mind.

As long as you are a living, breathing being, who chooses to grow and get better, you will experience the voice of self-doubt. And really...the more that you grow, the more that you will experience this voice.

Self-doubt is your brain's way of protecting you. Your brain doesn't give a shit if you are happy or successful. You brain cares about one thing and one thing only...your safety. This is why your brain will do everything in its power to make sure that you stay safe aka. in your comfort zone.

Your comfort zone is the ultimate zone of safety. It consists of the things that you have already done before, many times, and proved to your brain that you will not die if you take action on these things. Everything outside of this zone, your brain flags as dangerous, as a potential threat to your well-being and livelihood.

When you start seeing self-doubt as a protective mechanism that your brain has in place to keep you safe, you stop hating this voice. And most importantly, you stop hating your brain.

This is really important here, so read carefully. Instead of hating your brain, you need to thank it! Yes, I said thank it. Your brain is working properly and working well if you hear the voice of self-doubt show up anytime you do anything new.

What matters most is not this voice showing up, but what you do when this voice actually shows up. Do you take action in a way that makes this voice stronger or weaker?

Every time you choose to listen to that voice of self-doubt, you prove to your brain that this action you want to take is too scary and too hard for you to do. Then, when you try to do it again, that voice of self-doubt will come back, but even stronger this time. And this is how we end up being stuck in this cycle of self-doubt. Always succumbing to that voice instead of rising above it.

That is what you need to do. You need to learn how to rise above that voice of self-doubt. And how do you do that? You take action regardless of that voice showing up and stopping you. This is how you crush that voice of self-doubt.

So when that voice tells you, you are going to fail with your new healthy diet. You choose to eat healthy anyways.

When that voice tells you, that everyone will hate the idea that you want to sharing during a meeting. You share it anyways.

When that voice tells you, that you don't deserve the success you worked so hard to achieve. You let yourself feel good anyways.

This is how you quiet that voice. This is how you make it weak so it stops holding you back from the life that you were meant to live.

Let's sum it all up. Here are your two steps for overcoming self-doubt.

Step 1. Thank your brain when the self-doubt comes up. Remember this means that it's working properly!

Step 2. Take action regardless of the self-doubt.

That's it. It really is as simple as that.

Now go take action and prove that self-doubt voice wrong.


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