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[ Lab Testing ]

I believe that a thorough understanding of your health is essential for effective brain health support.


Many individuals may not realize the significance of bloodwork for optimizing brain health, but my approach recognizes that everything in our body is interconnected. This means that the functioning of our brain is directly influenced by the health of the rest of our body.

In your consultation with me, I delve deep into uncovering the root causes of your brain health concerns. I thoroughly explore every aspect, ensuring that your treatment plan is built upon a solid foundation of accurate diagnosis.


At the end of your appointment, I'll suggest targeted tests designed to uncover any underlying root causes, enabling us to develop the most effective treatment plans to help you meet your health goals.

With a diverse selection of tests available, I'm committed to offering comprehensive insights to assist you in achieving optimal brain health.

Uncover your high-performer type and how to support your unique brain so that you can  unlock your limitless potential.

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[ Foundational Testing ]

These are tests done at Lifelabs near you to check your foundational health. We offer similar tests that medical doctors provide. We also offer more thorough assessments for a detailed overview of your health.

  • Thyroid Hormone Assessments

  • Vitamin Levels - B12, Iron, Vitamin D

  • Liver Testing

  • Renal Testing

  • Insulin & Glucose

  • Inflammation Panels

  • Cholesterol

  • Autoimmune Testing


[ Nutrient Testing ]

  • Vitamins Panel

  • Minerals Panel

  • Organic Acid Testing -  Evaluates urinary metabolites to assess nutrient deficiencies, detoxification pathways, and microbial overgrowth, aiding in personalized treatment approaches for patients.


[ Hormone Testing ]

  • Female Hormone Assessment

  • Male Hormone Assessment

  • DUTCH Testing -  Checks your hormone levels using urine samples taken throughout the day, giving you detailed information about how your hormones are working in your body.

  • Cortisol

  • Comprehensive Neurotransmitter Profile - Examines various neurotransmitters in the body, such as serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine, to provide insights into brain function and mental well-being.


[ Gastrointestinal Health ]

  • GI-Map Test - Assess overall gut health, identifies gut imbalances and potential pathogens to guide personalized treatment approaches for patients.

  • SIBO Test - Tests bacterial overgrowth in small intestines.

  • Pathogens Panel - Specifically assess for pathogens like bacteria, viruses and parasites in the gut.

  • Food Sensitivity Testing - Identifies specific foods that may trigger adverse reactions in your body, helping to guide dietary modifications for improved health and well-being.

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