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The 3-month program where you and I work 1:1 together to help you optimize your unique high-performer brain.

The first step is to uncover your high-performer type! 

Take the "What type of high-performer quiz" are you to start optimizing your unique brain!

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Phase 01

High-Performer Insight

You will gain a deep understanding of your high-performer type and learn how your unique brain works. We will complete a diet, movement, sleep, supplement and mindset assessment of your current health. If you qualify, lab testing will be recommended. For a complete list of labs we recommend, CLICK HERE. Lastly, we will uncover your limiting beliefs so that you can see how you've been keeping yourself stuck.

Total Time In Phase 01: 2-4 Weeks 

Phase 02

High-Performer Blueprint

You will get a unique protocol designed to support your brain that includes nutrition, movement, sleep, supplement and mindset support. You will also learn how to structure your day so that you can maximize your potential. This phase is all about strategy and helping you successfully implement the protocol provided.


Time in Phase 02: 4-6 Weeks 

Phase 03

High-Performer Mastery

This phase is all about sustaining your high-performer blueprint and setting you up for long-term success. We will build a strategy around self-sabotage and any challenges that life may bring so that you can continue to be a high-performer no matter what happens.

Time in Phase 03: 2-4 Weeks

By the end of the protocol you will...

Be motived & focused.

No longer be stuck and will easily take action to accomplish your goals.

Be committed to your goals long-term.

Feel good as you achieve & build the life of your dreams.

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Have enough time to get everything that you need to get done, done for the day, every day!

No longer sabotage your success.

Finally be living up to your full potential!

Easily overcome your self-doubt & negativity.

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